Body Trigger Point Therapy Self Massager Back Neck Massage & Stress Relief


Product Description

This Cane is one of the most effective trigger point massagers available. This self-massaging cane makes it easy to apply pain relieving compression directly onto knotted trigger points on your body. It has shown to be more beneficial than foam rollers and tennis balls for self treatment of knots.


SELF RELAXING MASSAGE– Our Back & Body Hook Self Massager allows for effective massage & acupressure for total body relaxation.

RELIEVE MUSCLE KNOTS– The therapy knobs on this massager apply pain relieving pressure to deep knots & tense muscles along the body. By applying pressure to the affected muscle patch, blood circulation is stimulated bringing in more oxygen and nutrients for faster muscle relief and recovery.
REACH ANYWHERE ON YOUR BODY – It’s often the hardest to reach places that are the most painful – your back, neck, shoulders or hips. With this versatile massage stick you can not only reach those places but apply as much pressure as you need to get relief.
REMOVABLE&PORTABLE-Suitable for people of all heights and weights, give yourself a deep tissue massage at home, in your office, or while being on the road. Instant pain relief for tight, stiff, and achy muscles.Specifications:
Dimension: 63*38*3cm
Material: polypropylene
Model: Trigger Point Self
Colour: blue
Action: Muscles Relax

Package Includes
1pc Theracane S-Shaped


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