Knee Pain Relief Patches Herbal Warming Plaster Joint Ache Sticker Wormwood Fast

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Traditional Knee Pain Relief Patches Herbal Warming Plaster Joint Ache Sticker Wormwood Extract Pains

  • Pack of 12pcs
  • Fast Pain Relief: – The pain-relieving patch has a unique formula, quickly heats up and is effective pain relief, suitable for knee pain, muscle aches, back pain, tenosynovitis, strain and sprains, etc.
  • Plant Ingredients – The pain relief patch is made of a variety of pure plant extracts and is made with a scientific self-heating patch designed to provide deep penetrating pain relief for muscle soreness and joint soreness.
  • Efficient – The knee joint patch will self-heat and penetrate deep into the injured area of the muscle to effectively relieve pain. Pure herbal ingredients without any side effects.
  • Up to 24 Hours – The pain relief patch has strong penetrating power and has a targeted relief effect. It can relieve pain for up to 24 hours. It is suitable for spine pain, frozen shoulder, knee pain, wrist pain, etc.
  • Easy to Use – Simply clean the affected skin with warm water, remove the protective film, and then stick the pain relief patch on your painful area. Enjoy immediate pain relief and ultimate relaxation.


  • 1. Do not take orally.
  • 2. Washing the skin and keeping the skin dry. If there is a burning sensation or redness after the application, it is normal. You can choose to stop using until the skin returns to normal.
  • 3. This product is a daily household item and can’t replace medicine and medical devices for treatment.

Unsuitable for:

  • 1. People who are allergic to this product should be used with caution.
  • 2. Pregnant women are prohibited.
  • 3. Infants and young children are prohibited.

Made with Natural Ingredients – Our pain relief patch is produced with the aid of plant extracts, a self-heating patch design. This back pain patch is backed by science to deliver fast-acting, long-lasting and deep penetrating pain relief for sore muscles, sore joints, and arthritis.
Instant Pain Relief – These hot patches for pain relief for men and women can relieve various pains such as rheumatoid arthritis, bone hyperplasia, knee pain, tenosynovitis, strain and sprain, sciatica, and fibromyalgia.
Safe and Efficient – Our knee patches are self-heating and can penetrate deep into the area where the muscle is injured. These back patches for pain contain pure natural herbal ingredients without any side effects. High-quality knee pain relief products for women and men.
Easy to use – Simply clean the affected skin with warm water, remove the protective film and stick the adhesive pain-relieving patch on the area where you’re in pain. With our back pain patches, you’ll definitely enjoy quick-acting pain relief and ultimate relaxation after a long and tiring day of work.
Long-lasting – For penetrating, mess-free & targeted relief, apply the heat knee patch to manage pain in specific areas. PINPOXE back patch offers pain relief for up to 8 hours. Best back pain relief patches for all ages.

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37 reviews for Knee Pain Relief Patches Herbal Warming Plaster Joint Ache Sticker Wormwood Fast

  1. Nicole

    The best patch I’ve ever used. My knee feels great after using these patches and I am going to reorder again. Highly recommend!


      Thank you so much for your great review!

  2. Sarah Cook

    I love this knee releif patch and it doesn’t make my skin itch.

  3. Veronica Hartman

    The product works as advertised and certainly keeps me pain free.

  4. Melissa Osborn

    I have arthritis in both knees. These patches have worked so well and absolutely helped on pain

  5. Erik Nutt

    I was so skeptical but it is very impressive product and how it decreased my knee pain

  6. Irene W. Miranda

    Wow It couldn’t believe it really works on my knee was killing me in the past.

  7. David Buchanan

    Strugglied with my knee pain for 10yrs and this patch really works so well. I will order them again.

  8. Jill Kidd

    My knee was killing me for a few weeks, used these patches and my knee pain is gone! Worth it!

  9. Kay

    I really like this product it helped me to remove my pain and the rating i would give it 5/5 also it hepls me a lot easy to apply and take off

  10. Randall Torres

    My knee was in quite a bit amount of pain after exercising. I used their knee patch which started to get rid of the pain in about 30 minutes after applying. I also just left it on overnight and when I woke up the next morning the pain was gone. This is a great product for people suffering from minor knee pain…Highly recommend.

  11. Cheryl Daniels

    I purchased these for pain in my knee. I ended up using these patches on my back, neck, & heel. They heat up within 30 min and feel like a mini heating pad. Have a strong natural scent. Sometimes I put it on at bedtime and wear the next day at work because it still gives the heat effect. It has definitely helped my neck pain & lower back when I place the patches there. My god mother even snatched some up from me for her sciatic nerve pain. Ordering more today.

  12. Laurie Lopez

    Been having trouble with my knee, had a scan done on my artery and vein blood flow, had an extra ray done, but still had the pain. I swear by them and highly recommend them.

  13. Jamie Martin

    Very effective product. I am very happy with it. Thank You.

  14. Emily Ferguson

    I continue to purchase this because it really helps my arthritic knee pain and shoulder pain. It really works!

  15. Diana Wilkins

    I count on these patches to help with my knee pain until my knees are replaced (soonish). Be sure to get the 48-72 hour patch – hard to tell because packaging is almost identical. They may be uncomfortable for many folks as they rely on a heavy duty heat product in the recipe and it can get too much if not expecting. Still their relief lasts a day or two after removal.

  16. Thomas Mathis

    The patches are effective for a long time. They work so much better than the arthritis creams and they have great “sticking” power. So far, I’ve had at least one patch that managed to stay on during my regular activities for 24 hours and it was still working. I would recommend these for anyone that needs long term relief.

  17. Rachel Parsons

    I have had the Knee Patch on for 24 hours and this is the best my knee has felt in months! I will definitely continue to use.

  18. Ella Young

    Totally in love with this product! I put one. On my knee every day! Stays warm all day and helps with the stiffness.

  19. Jane Greene

    They are awesome. Makes it possible for my husband to walk with bad needs. Takes pain away

  20. Lucas Glover

    These work extremely well for pain and they do stay put when applied as directed.

  21. Keith Dowd

    These patches work great” I’ve noticed that use every other day, or they can get little hot ‘ if used on consecutive days’ good relief!

  22. Diana Sanderson

    These work very good for the pain in my knees. Get a bit warm at times but is tolerable. Did find out not to get into a hot shower after taking them off cuz the heat from shower make needs knees hot but other than that would recommend

  23. Rebecca Short

    These work very good for the pain in my knees. Get a bit warm at times but is tolerable. Did find out not to get into a hot shower after taking them off cuz the heat from shower make needs knees hot but other than that would recommend

  24. Theresa Lawrence

    I think the item works somewhat. I use them for both of my knees rheumatoid arthritis and for now looks like it helped the pain somewhat.

  25. Julian Hughes

    I would purchase these again. The scent was pleasant for a patch they were nothing out of this world but I would buy again because they did work well

  26. Lillian Lambert

    Absolutely love these they help with the pain I am in before I go for my total knee the heat sedation is fabulous, I even have some coworkers loving it as well! Thanks

  27. Stephen Grant

    This product is pretty strong comparing with other similar ones. I use half of the patch by cutting and still working well for me. I can recommend this product to those who are looking for strong patches.

  28. Peter Hardacre

    I have a destroyed knee, meniscus gone and walking difficult & painful. Am hoping that the knee patches will help me and so far seems to work after using them a few times. The knee gets hot so I guess the herbs are doing what they are supposed to do!

  29. Edward MacLeod

    I was having excruciating pain in my knees for weeks. I put on a patch and the pain was less than what it was! It definitely helped!

  30. Robert Bryan

    These are so easy to use and really work. at first when i put one of these on i wasn’t sure if it was working until i realized i wasn’t having any pain and my knee felt a ton better. it doesn’t smell or tingle or anything, it just works

  31. Victor Martin

    Okay so these stick well for the most part but omg the smell is so strong! They do help with pain! I can definitely recommend these for help to ease knee pain.

  32. Maria

    Got these for my 98 yr old mom, suffers from bone on bone pain and relieved pain quickly, ordered more. Highly recommend. Thank you

  33. Steve Innes (verified owner)

    I too like others had chronic knee pain, panadol didnt work nor did anti imflamatory pills,, nor CBD creams I was getting desperate to have some relief from aching pain, well today my patches arrived and straight away I have had such a dramatic improvement, no pain all day and did things I couldnt do without suffering for it. I hope they continue to help.

  34. Chris Murphy (verified owner)

    I cannot walk without putting on these patches! Thank you so much Joseph!

  35. Jenna Leah (verified owner)

    Helped my knee pain indeed. Will order them again! Always thanks for the fast delivery.

    • (verified owner)

      Hi Jenna, Thank you so much for your comment. We will keep making our customers happy and fast delivery.

  36. Joan (verified owner)

    Fantastic knee pain relief, easy to apply, stay on for several hours and also great for Achilles tendon pain relief. Have re-ordered. Very happy with this product. Thanks.

    • (verified owner)

      Hi Joan, Thank you so much for your great review! We will always try to deliver your order on time.

  37. Rae (verified owner)

    Great product helped ease chronic knee pain for my 97 year old mother.

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